Simple mail relays on FreeBSD

This howto describes how to relay mail (such as system alerts) to email services such as gmail. First part describes doing so using sSMTP which only supports relaying local system mail and the second part shows how to do this using Postfix which is a fully featured MTA. Postfix might …

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It's alive!

Finally restored the website on a new server.  It took me a while to retrieve and restore the hard drive but it's finally done.  Whoopie!

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Spanning Tree Protocol

This is a quick note to help me understand STP with trunks.

Suppose you have two switches, switchA and switchB. They both have two trunks between each other. Say I connect nodeA and nodeB to switchA and switchB. I then send a packet from nodeA to nodeB on switchA. SwitchA …

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Editing posts

Started reading through some of my old posts and noticed how many times I've eaten a letter or something didn't sound grammatically correct. Fixing all mistakes ASAP.

EDIT: I even managed to make a mistake in this post. I've spent too much time on the Internet today.

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Automount logging on Solaris

Setting the Automounter daemon options has changed greatly in Solaris 11 (what hasn't?) and no longer requires editing /etc/default/autofs. It is all done in SMF, just like the network configuration.

Solaris 10:

chmod 644 /etc/default/autofs
vi /etc/default/autofs

Add the following:

# temporary …
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"unreachable - admin prohibited" message in SNMP/tcpdump

Just a small, helpful tidbit:

If you ever see the following in your tcpdump while resolving SNMP issues (when isn't SNMP having issues?):

ICMP host HOSTNAME unreachable - admin prohibited, length 76

It basically means that your iptables is blocking SNMP. This one has bit me on multiple occasions on boxes …

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Manually installing DBD::Oracle on Solaris 10

This was a major pain. Not only is DBD::Oracle a PITA to install in general, doing it on Solaris 10 will cause you to rage uncontrollably. In this post we'll install the module manually as there can be numerous instances when you don't have the Sun/Oracle Studio compiler …

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SNMPv3 Trap EngineID

SNMPv3 traps are far superior to the SNMPv1 and v2c traps, as long as your network devices support it. SNMPv3 provides us with security that the previous SNMP versions do not offer (remember that SNMPv1 and v2c only use clear-text community names which can be easily intercepted).

Version 3 protocol …

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