About Me

Hey guys, mi nombre es Mike.  I am a UNIX enthusiast, TCP/IP networker, and anything outdoors-related hobbyist based out of Midwest.  This resume/blog site is aimed at getting various ideas, technical thoughts, and tips out in the "inter-wild" for people to consume.  I'm hoping to get some people interested in this stuff to show off my dependable skill-set and curiosity.

Of course, I would be joking to post this as my professional statement on a resume, so I am just going to quote my LinkedIn as it does a better job of that:

My professional goal is to provide various IT-related services by applying my extensive knowledge of systems administration and network implementation / maintenance aided by my strong drive to succeed at mastering my understanding of business continuity-dependent technologies. I aim to show that with my strong work ethic, one can be given huge responsibilities on which employers can depend on.

My specialties include:

  • Currently specializing in Google Cloud Platform engineering (certified); heavy past experience with AWS (certified). Networking and IAM take special place in my heart at the moment.
  • Strong knowledge of Unix-based / Unix-like systems (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris) and of various software stacks running on those systems
  • configuration management, automation, and deployment (particularly SaltStack, Ansible, Fabric, and homebrewn utilities)
  • Development of system / infrastructure management and monitoring utilities (in shell, python, and perl)
  • Designing highly available server and network solutions using multiple techniques such as clustering and load balancing using FOSS and enterprise products
  • Server design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Cisco and Juniper networking (CCNA and CCNA Security-certified), switching, routing, firewalls, etc
  • E-commerce platform maintenance and management
  • Systems monitoring (Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss)
  • Central authentication using FreeIPA, OpenLDAP, and OpenDS / OpenDJ
  • Strong interest in learning obscure software and technologies, reverse engineering things that predecessors left without any documentation
  • Writing and diagramming proper technical documentation (hey, a lost art these days!)
  • Long experience in providing technical support and training in various IT areas